XBM is an international supplier of advanced biodiesel and bioliquids focused on sustainability, based out of Copenhagen with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Shanghai. We provide ISCC certified biodiesel and bioliquids to biogas and biodiesel producers in the EU and Asia.

The company was founded in 2011 as XLNT biofuel, with vast experience in supply chain management, technology, and corporate governance in bioliquids and advanced biofuels. In eleven years, the company has become a strong organization focused on sustainability, customer technical needs and efficient delivery. XBM’s focus is the sourcing and tolling of sustainable (Advanced) biodiesel, vegetable- oil bioliquids from agricultural residue from mills, processing companies, and used oil collectors in different countries. XBM products are sustainable and ISCC certified, with good greenhouse gas savings, registered through Nabisy and can be also Dutch double counting (DDC) or UKDC.

XBM maintains strong supplier network in Asia and Europe and very active relationships throughout the global biodiesel and bioliquids trading business. We aim at fully capitalizing on this advantage within the scope of existing and foreseeable environmental sustainability regulations.

With sourcing offices located in China, India and Malaysia, the core business strength lies in procurement and consolidation, meeting clients’ needs on quality and export of wide range of veg-oil waste products.

The company has associated storage capacities across major terminals in Malaysia, India and China largely supporting our business operations. Our customers include Cargill, Vitol, Litasco and Exxon, among others.

As a step to sustainable products, XBM works closely with its suppliers in certifying them under European environmental requirements and in obtaining sustainable veg-oil products. XBM ensures that all our products are traceable to the point of origin through the Nabisy system.

We differentiate ourselves by providing the required quality specifications and sustainability certificates for our clients. We work closely with their technical production team to provide them the required specifications, according to their end-use application, even if it requires investment in equipment to attain their quality standards.

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